2011 FED ALPHA – A Car Review

2011 FED ALPHA fuel efficient military vehicle 1 2011 FED ALPHA   A Car Review

FED ALPHA is the brain child of Ricardo which has collaborated with American defense to upgrade new fashionable car under the brand name of FED ALPHA to facilitate the American troops to transfer their collectibles from one place to other. This vehicle is also suitable to a washboard trips to reach any backcountry. Recently, in a press release, the experts of Ricardo have told reporters that joint collaboration with American defense has made it easy for Ricardo to give final touch to this FED ALPHA model. This vehicle can be used as a personal carrier to enjoy weekends by driving cars with comfort.

FED ALPHA model has been upgraded by Fuel Efficient Ground Vehicle Demonstrator or FED auto upgradation research center which mainly does lot of experiments on different cars for better performance. To date, this FED research center has made a number of heavy and light weighted carriers for supporting transaction in more systematic way.

FED ALPHA is made of high quality and durable aluminum plates to increase the durability of the vehicle. The aluminum insulated armor of the compartment of the car is really nice to look and it lessens the weight of the vehicle. The vehicle is also upgraded with a properly tuned Cummins 14 powertrain, 6-speed automatic transmission offered by Aisin. Goodyear Fuel Max tires are free of wimps and these rubber tire bands are excellent in providing the marvelous traction which ensures better car movement without facing any trouble. American defense force will be properly spoon fed by offering these cars to help soldiers to move from one spot to other without feeling lonely.

2011 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition was hosted on 12th October for showcasing this car model which attracted US Army personnel. This is the car which is eco-friendly and more energy efficient. In a press release, the company’s secretary has expressed its concern about the final upgradation program. However so far so good, experts have made it clear that without any confusion it can be admitted that this is the vehicle which is capable of taking extra load and it is also a long lasting vehicle.

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