2011 Identity Y2 Concept with Properly Upgraded V 12 Powertrain

Identity Y2 front view 2011 Identity Y2 Concept with Properly Upgraded V 12 Powertrain

With times proceeding, in automobile industry, a major transition from the conventional car upgradation to the modern car tuning program has been deeply palpable. The fact is that people are fast becoming more fashionable and their major emphasis on the sophisticated eco-friendly cars inspires the automakers to manufacture ultra-light vehicles with properly tuned street nav systems.

Identity has already won hearts of million car aficionados by releasing colorful and attractive vehicles which are less expensive and up to the mark. 2011 Identity Y2 variant is one of the sophisticated concept vehicles which will be found in the international market.

Few years back, Identity launched the I2 one-off car model for public show. This concept vehicle was exhibited at the car displaying show long way back to 2007. After a long hiatus, this company has made another brave attempt by showcasing the 2011 Identity Y2 car model which is fantastic in color contrast. Both exterior and interior designs of the vehicle are naturally beautiful. The charismatic splendor of the car is remarkable and people will be pleased to drive cars with fun.

Technical configuration has been done with care so that car operators will be able to operate the cars easily and comfortably. Technical features of this concept vehicle include V 12 powertrain which has the capability to generate 520 hp and 700 NM torque. The sprinting time of the vehicle is as low as 5 seconds to cover 100 km/h. The topmost speed of the vehicle is approximately 187mph.

The car wheelbases are rimmed with rubber based tire bands which are long lasting. The tire bands produce excellent traction. Comparison study shows that the negative camber of the vehicle is higher and the positive camber is remarkably under control. The street nav systems of the vehicle have been installed to ensure the nocturnal street navigation more comfortably.

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