2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport – More Energy Efficient

2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport 1 2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport   More Energy Efficient

2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport 2 2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport   More Energy Efficient

2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport 5 2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport   More Energy Efficient

Till now, a major breakthrough in the automobile industry has been felt so far by experts who like to make more energy efficient cars at comfortable prices. 2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport is such a highly efficient vehicle with properly upgraded car tuning kit. The aerodynamic facelift is appreciable whereas the interior decoration is eye-catching with excellent aesthetic touch to make the compartment of 2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport more excellent and splendid.

2011 Jaguar XJL Supersport will be on sale in both standard and L models with large size wheelbases. The car will be equipped with a number of car upgradation tools like V8 engine, 5.0 liter capacitated supercharged power train which is capable of generating 470 hp. XJ version upgrades 380 pound feet torque for the activation of the wheelbases. The engines are eco-friendly and durable. The chassis of the car is really durable, light in weight with excellent color contrast. Aluminum based chassis is flexible to operate. There are other easy to operate features. The automatic transmission is really a matter of enticement due to huge capability to channelize the applied force in the form of torque to activate the wheelbases of the car. The torque fluid is also applied to servos to ensure the acceleration of the torque. Clutch disc hubs are properly efficient. V8 supercharged engine performs marvelously. The interior portion of the car compartment will be decorated using ultra-light carbon fibers to increase the beauty of the car. The dampers are also excellent in terms of performance.

There are other car upgradation accessories like windshield, sun visors, steering wheel with ergonomic features along with easy to care powertrain. The suspension dampers are capable of checking the friction by absorbing the shock. The retractable features of the squads of the car seats are remarkable and more beautiful. The wipers of the car compartment will come handy to remove water runnels and dew drops in rough weather. Horse power rate of this car is naturally 510 hp @ 6000-6500 RPM. Torque level is pegged at 461 lb-ft @ 2500-5500 RPM. This is the vehicle which will surely satisfy car aficionados.

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