2011 Mazda RX8 SPIRIT R – More Eco-friendly

Mazda RX8 SPIRIT R 874367640 2011 Mazda RX8 SPIRIT R   More Eco friendly

Mazda management team has decided to withdraw old RX8 models from the market. Mazda RX8 SPIRIT R model will hit the market soon. Maybe in the middle part of 2012, this new concept vehicle will be launched to facilitate the consumers for experiencing better car driving.

The new futuristic car will have eco-friendly engine, dampers to absorb shock, automatic transmission, exhaust system, carbon diffuser, accelerators, struts, servos and clutch disc hubs which will be more powerful and performance based. Seats of the car will be retractable, stretchable with leather insulated upholsters. The squads are made of soft to touch foam and leather to provide comfort to car passengers. In the frontal section of the cockpit of the car is also highly decorated with a number of tools like an odometer to measure the distance, tachometer to calculate the rotation of the wheel bases and the speedometer for measuring the speed. In addition, the street nav system has been upgraded in a one-off car of this segment for doing a trial in public.

At exhibition, this one-off model will be showcased. Mazda RX8 SPIRIT R is also made more attractive installing 19 inch car wheels which are rimmed with rubber tire tubes. The negative camber of the car wheels is higher whereas the drag-in engine co-efficiency level is surprisingly low to ensure proper swiftness and speed of the car even in the rough weather condition.

In a press release, the company’s secretary has told reporters that there will be no confusion about the durability of the vehicle as a team of experienced engineers have paid their attention to the upgradation of the car in more dynamic way. The overall structure of the car is brilliant in design whereas the color contrast is marvelous. This concept model will be equipped with air spoilers, torque converters, powertrain, and more energy efficient carbon emission checking devices. The inner beauty of the car is more promising as ultra light carbon fiber trims are used to design the car. The car cabin is durable and light in weight. It is also excellent in color contrast.

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