2011 Quimera All-Electric GT Variant – More Technically Upgraded

2011 Quimera All Electric GT 2011 Quimera All Electric GT Variant – More Technically Upgraded

The threat coming from the global warming and environment pollution has made it clear that people will have to pay penalty in future in the event of connivance at the importance of green revolution in the protection of the world. So far so good, people are becoming more conscious of the negative impact of the air contamination. Air is becoming more harmful to people who like to have breathable air every moments to activate the mechanism of the body. Now, in automobile industry, the demand for the eco-friendly cars is increasing. The reason lies in the acceleration of death ratio in human society due to onset of diseases caused by germs, virus and bacteria.

The 2011 Quimera All-Electric GT e-baby is more energy-efficient and fuel economic. The AEGT powertrain doesn’t gift fume and black smoke containing lead and carbon which are detrimental to healthcare of a person. However, more importance is given to take care of the technical upgradation and improvement of the other car tuning accessories which must be in good condition.

231-bhp UQM electric powered motors which generate adequate amount of torque to activate the car wheels. Torque fluid is applied to the servos and clutch disc hub which ensure speedy production of torques in the torque converting unit. Naturally, the manual gear box will also be superseded. The automatic transmission, dampers, exhaust tube, carbon diffuser and struts will be placed in order with perfection. This concept car is electric powered and therefore the minimization of carbon emission is ensured to protect lives of humans from the diseases and infections. 187 mph is the topmost speed of this vehicle. The outer hull of the car will also be insulated applying high quality dye to paint the car compartment. There are other accessories like an odometer, an ergonomic steering wheel, front and rear leather based retractable car seats inclusive of sun visors, glass reflectors and windshields. This car will not produce harsh sound and the throttle response of the vehicle will be under control.

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