2012 Kia Soul Facelift – More Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient

2012 Kia Soul Facelifted 1 2012 Kia Soul Facelift   More Eco friendly and Energy Efficient

Most probably automakers will try their best to invent new eco-friendly technology for the acceleration of safety. Kia Soul is one of the energy efficient vehicles which will be found in UK market, The petrol fueled Kia Soul car will be on sale for £12,495 which is starting rate whereas the diesel backed engine is available for £17,795 which is start up price.

The futuristic car will be upgraded with 1.6 liter capacitated petrol based power-plant. Turbo diesel based 1.6 liter capacitated engine will be more energy efficient. The overall structural aesthete will be excellent as the interior section of the car cabin is really marvelous due to the usage of ultra-light carbon fiber trims, car upgradation systems, retractable car seats, upholsters, sun visors, rear view reflectors, glass windows, windshields, tachometer and an ergonomic steering wheel.

The direct injection fuel system is another addition to add gloss to the car. The petrol backed engine generates 138 bhp which is revised. The sprinting time of the car is 10 seconds to cover 100 km/h. 1.6-liter CRDi diesel unit with 6-speed automatic transmission is naturally more performance oriented. The car wheels of this vehicle are rimmed with tire bands which are excellent in providing traction for ensuring trouble free car expedition.

The overall performance of the vehicle is good and the engine of the vehicle is more eco-friendly. The cockpit of the vehicle is designed with other sophisticated car upgradation tools like street nav system, tachometer, speedometer and binnacle on the dashboard. According to experts, the CO2 emission is 149g/km whereas sound reduction rate is also marvelous. The car upgradation process has been done with excellence.

The negative camber of the car wheels is higher. You will find the adjustment of different car upgradation tools to ensure excellent car tuning program. In a press release, one of the official members of the company has confirmed the application of new technology to heighten the speed and performance of this car model.

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