2013 all-electric DeLorean announced by DMC

DMC announces all electric DeLorean for 2013 2013 all electric DeLorean announced by DMC

Team DMC has announced the iconic automatic car and has surprised everyone with the new DeLorean and have mentioned about this model just this Friday.

On Friday night the DMC Texas Open House has finally announced about this model. For the first time team DMC has planned to work with electric car setup with the Epic EV to avail an all-electric DMC-12 into production by 2013. Epic is the company which was established by Aptera the co-founder Chris Anthony that is working on the Torq and Amp vehicles (and some intelligent video clips). Primary reports further confirm that the Electric DeLorean will have a highest speed of 125 miles per hour and offer 260 horsepower for something like $90,000-100,000. The gullwing doors should continue to be fitted in its place, but we’re not sure where the motor will go (the original DeLorean used a rear-mounted engine), and also the battery pack. This is not the first time a DeLorean with a choice of power puffed has been discussed clearly. Prior to his death in 2005, John DeLorean mentioned about a hydraulic hybrid driving procedure which may find installation in the revised model of DMC-12. But it remained a dream for the company.

Though the company has planned about this new model, yet it has officially shared very less information about the upcoming DeLorean Electric version. The model will be equipped with a rechargeable battery of 1.21 gigawatt hour which can provide this power instantly when connected to the power source. Therefore till the most desired model planned by Mr. Fusion in manufactured and launched the company has somehow managed to control the curiosity of the customers by providing them with this version.

Now the company is yet to decide about the final launch of the model. Hopefully the company will talk about the price of the model at the same time only.

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