2014 BMW M3 Sedan F30 and 3 range delivered in special manner

bmw m3 sedan f80 by danyutz lr 2014 BMW M3 Sedan F30 and 3 range delivered in special manner

As the all new BMW’s F30 3 series is very similar to one of the earlier model, E90 the features of this new coupe can be easily identified. Though the two ranges does not appear very similar yet their technicalities matches closely.

The car makers from the PS-Garage informed the technical detail about this expected model.

This all new M3 sedan was lately tested in Germany. The makers tested this new version on the roads of Germany. This special model has been perfectly designed by the 2014 M3 saloon

The work of Dan Buzdugan who applied the usual M-division styling specialties on the body

of the F30 for e.g the blacked out alloy wheels, a carbon roof, side air vents, side skirts, a subtle boot lid spoiler and a rear diffuser with quad tail pipes.

The special styling of the coupe variant was created by Nik Pakiz. It includes similar styling cues found on the current 3-Series Coupe like the more rakish roofline and longer front doors.

The all new series from BMW auto makers is almost read and has been tested on the streets of Germany. The company has yet not talked about any other special aspects of the car. Officially they are yet to talk about this model hence in most cases the features are based on assumption and are thought to be same as the other previous model.

Hopefully the company will think about introducing the model and hold an official press conference to make things clear. Till then the details of the price structure or the marketing plan of the model is yet to be disclosed. Once the company decides about the price structure, then only it can plan about its launch plan. BMW with its all new series will definitely be one of people’s favorite.

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