Citroen looks set with its agenda

Citroën 2CV revival Citroen looks set with its agenda

Citroën 2CV revival 6 Citroen looks set with its agenda

Citroën 2CV revival 4 Citroen looks set with its agenda

Citroën 2CV revival 2 Citroen looks set with its agenda

To go by the latest news doing the rounds in automobile circuit; one of its leading makers ‘Citroen’ has been designing the successor of 2CV. Supposed to follow its predecessor with the name of 3CV; the new entrant with its position between C1 &C3, is expected to add to the peppy glitz of C2. With its successful associations to models such as C2 and DS3; one finds success beckoning its ongoing project as well.

With its nomenclature of ‘3CV’; the model is supposed to offer a judicious mix of some of the leading varieties of automobile. While, in spirit and essence it is expected to be as original as Ami6; in spaciousness and efficiency the forthcoming model matches the dynamics of its predecessor; but as far as comfort in driving is concerned; it lives up to the potential of GS- marked by its sprung hydro-pneumatics .

According to the chief; the car in process of being designed takes due care of all aspects of comfort. Expecting the designer model to be the brand’s style trademark- Jean Marc Gales had much to add about its relaxing spaciousness. With access to little detail; other than what Mr. Gales had to offer; one generally expects the forthcoming version to center on the groups branded architecture of ‘PF1’.

With ‘Citroen’s preparation for “Trois Chevaux”; to be launched in 2013; one expects 2CV’s successor to be a miniature hybrid of its kinds. Having enjoyed phenomenal success in respect of the sale of ‘DS3’; it is little surprising that the brand chooses to continue with the prospect of renovation. Besides seeking to launch the mini hybrid; the brand has major surprises still in store. While Citroen teams up with Magna to produce A DS3 Fiat, production of racing cars also features in its scheme of things.

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