Ducati launches new Superquadro engine

ducati superquadro engine 628 Ducati launches new Superquadro engine

Team Ducati is prepared to introduce its new 1199 Panigale at the EICMA show in Milan which is scheduled to take place next month. Though the makers will launch it next month, the manufacturer has shared some detail about the most expected power the machine once it goes on sale. Ducati gave its engineers free control to introduce a new engine which can produce more horsepower and torque while also increasing user friendliness. Along with these changes the company also wished to reduce its weight and trim down ownership costs.

The result of such a great idea is the Superquadro twin-cylinder engine. This engine is equipped with an over-square bore and stroke ratio of 1.84:1, the lump gives out a blistering 195 horsepower and 98 pound-feet of torque. Ducati now declares that the most power ever for a production twin-cylinder engine.

The engine is kept in control with a number of pre-programmed riding versions to suit rider experience and weather. The tech uses ride-by-wire to monitor each throttle body specifically. Service interval, which was the main problem with the Ducati’s desmo twins, has been solved by increasing it to 15,000 miles (24,000 kilometers). Ducati also claims the engine will serve as a stressed member of the Panigale’s monocoque chassis package.

Ducati also confirms that this engine is a weight-saver, yet it is not known how much weight it is saving. The company spokes person has said that the Superquadro does help the 1199 Panigale nab the title of the production bike with the world’s best power-to-weight ratio. The bike will also feature a new transmission with a slipper clutch, among other innovations.

Though the team Ducati has mentioned about such a bike, it has yet not specified about it introduction. Hopefully in the press conference next month, Ducati will disclose its other plans about using this unique machine in the bikes.

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