GM plans to develop a Second Generation of the EN-V Concept with Chevrolet Logos

2011 Concept Chevrolet EN V 051 GM plans to develop a Second Generation of the EN V Concept with Chevrolet Logos

Another step of team General Motors’ is of developing a second generation of its EN-V concept study that was introduced at Shanghai World Expo in China last year. This year they have decided to start a pilot program for testing.

The EN-V, that reminds us of Electric Networked-Vehicle, is an ultra-compact and futuristic-looking two-seater model that addresses the basic needs for transportation in today’s mega-cities. The Detroit company spokesperson also said that all future concepts of the EN-V will carry a Chevrolet badge. According to Chris Perry, vice president, global Chevrolet marketing and strategy, for more than 100 years, the Chevrolet brand has focused on making advanced technology that can help in improving customers’ lives accessible and affordable, and with the fresh Chevrolet EN-V they will continue maintaining this tradition.

GM spokesperson also commented that the next-generation of the Chevy EN-V will be more production ready after adding few necessary features like the climate control, personal storage space and the ability to operate in any kinds of weather and road conditions.

Though, it will maintain the original concept’s electric powertrain and lithium-ion batteries which can support the vehicle to travel at least 40 kilometers (25 miles) on a single charge.

The Detroit-based car manufacturer said it plans to investigate several locations around the world and the United States in search of potential pilot programs to try out the Chevy EN-V in actual life conditions.

Last April, team GM and the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Investment and Development Co. Ltd. (SSTEC) came together and signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on integrating the next-generation EN-V into the Tianjin Eco-City from a power, communications and physical infrastructure perspective.

Team General Motors hope that their customers will welcome such a model and they will get positive feedback in their venture. This all new second generation model is all set to be introduced soon.

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