GM to launch Semi-Autonomous : Driverless Cars by 2015

GM Autonomous Driving 0 GM to launch Semi Autonomous : Driverless Cars by 2015

Remember how the roller coasters are capable of operating themselves? Well, at the rate the brightest minds in the world are going, very soon we would all be owners of our personal safe-versions of roller coasters. In case you have not heard the news, there have been talks about making cars fully autonomous. So those of you who have had spend a lot of time learning to drive, and love driving, might soon be demoted to being just another passenger on board.

Right after Google’s views on making it legal to have driverless cars, it is now General Motors turn to bring forth the news that soon there just might be a car which would be capable of handling situations beyond human capabilities. This would definitely come as a relief to all those worrying parents and spouses, to know their loved ones would never again have to swerve in the middle of the road in order to avoid collision.

Alan Taub, the vice president for General Motors has predicted that partially autonomous cars would be available by 2015. While by the end of the decade we would find cars which can just drive themselves into the sunset. He said the in the International Transports Systems World Congress that they are aiming to develop technologies which would partially or wholly take the drivers position in the car. While some of us would relax at the thought of an autonomous car, those car enthusiasts who simply love to wait every month for the arrival of the new car, have had their joys completely eclipsed.

The radars, the sensors and the GPS would feed important information to the car’s computer system as well as to the drivers. In times of terrible danger, however, the car would be the man in action, rendering the driver just a damsel in distress.

This dream has been fiddled with since 2007 we just hope that General Motors is able to realize their dreams. Till then, enjoy driving around on your own!

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