Hyundai’s latest contribution to the market

Hyundai Hyundai’s latest contribution to the market

Despite years of exposure and expertise in the realm of auto manufacture; it’s only a day since the premiere brand of Hyundai has come up with its “Gamma 1.6 T of GDI petrol” & “Euro- 6R diesel engines”. The mentioned varieties were long overdue from the leading car maker of Hyundai fame. Hence, they were welcomed with keen anticipation.

The 11th edition of the Powertrain Conference being held in Korea was a witness to its ceremonial introduction. The newly included car of Hyundai’s ‘Gama’ variety dwells on the use of gasoline engine. The engine of 1.6 liter and four chambers not only facilitates the use of turbocharger with double scroll; but also ensures appropriate inter- cooling by means of its intercooler. Facilities for direct fuel infusion along with that of twin CCVT maximize its performance. The newly launched car is capable of delivering output to the tune of 204-Horsepower. The mentioned output facilitates six thousand revolutions per minute with the maximum torque of 265 Nm. However depending on the situational use; the given measurements are likely to vary.

In keeping with the eco friendly objective; the engine bears due compliance with the requisite norms of California. As a vehicle conforming duly to the emission standards of ultra low type; the engine lives up to the expectations of Euro5 type. In fact engine conforming to the standards of Euro 5 level is expected to feature in a number of other vehicles of the same brand including the sports hatch of Holster. In fact, the sports hatch is likely to be introduced around the middle of 2012.

According to the spokesperson of Hyundai; the car being produced over the last two years and more has been priced at 69.5 billion. The occasion also saw the introduction of Hyundai’s diesel engine of R 2 variety. With its efficiency of 150 Horsepower; the diesel engine lives up to the pertinent standards of Euro-6 variety.

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