Hyundai to Offer 10-Speed Auto Gearbox from 2014

31127 1 1 Hyundai to Offer 10 Speed Auto Gearbox from 2014

Hyundai’s arrival in the automobile industry is naturally surprising because of the Koran political imbroglio and awkward industrial revolution to dampen the development of automobile sectors can produce negative impact on the car manufacturing units. However, time is always dynamic. Recently, the drastic decision of Hyundai in bringing a radical change in the pattern of the car design hints at the all-round upgradation of car tuning programs in more systematic way.

Hyundai is not a small car manufacturing unit. Better to say, its glamour is still shinning like an evening star. Hyundai has proved its excellence in the production of light weight vehicles which are loaded with 10 speed automatic transmission gearbox. A 10 speed gearbox is the outcome of technical revolution in Korean automobile industry. Earlier, the topmost 7-speed gearbox was found in the cars which were luxurious and expensive. In general, 6- speed automatic transmission gearbox is installed into the engine compartment of the car.

With the declaration of the new fuel consumption related order issued by CAFÉ, every car maker is liable to upgrade the car to enhance the fuel economy to a great extent. More gears are needed to check the carbon emission. If you check the reviews on recent development of cars in European countries, you will realize to what extent the car manufacturers are searching for fully upgraded 10-speed gearboxes to control the carbon backfiring tendency.

This type of powerful gearbox will help the car owners to operate the cars with comfort without being worried about the air contamination. Besides, there are other technical features like eco-friendly power train, dampers, automatic transmission, carbon diffusers and fully upgraded street navigation accessories.

The car will have properly adjusted odometer, tachometer, and speedometer to ensure the smooth street navigation process. Finally, retractable car seats are durable and the dashboard is excellent with the binnacle on the middle spot of the dashboard.

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