Images of 2012 Vygor Opera

2012 Vygor Opera 5 Images of 2012 Vygor Opera

2012 Vygor Opera 3 Images of 2012 Vygor Opera

2012 Vygor Opera 2 Images of 2012 Vygor Opera

Team Vygor has posted fresh images of the Opera. This model is all prepared to release some limited numbers of 150 exemplars. From the images revealed, it is very clearly seen that this car is all set to be introduced as SUV and a GT model or dual nature. The appearance in the images confirms that the edition tries hard to be introduced in both the categories.

Vygor has just released few images of the model. As far as the technical details are concerned, the company is yet to disclose such specifications. We do not know about the kind of engine they have planned to install in this model that can support three power stages that will be available for the Opera will offer between 300 to over 400 horsepower.

These are the few details that have been officially posted by the company. Hopefully they will disclose other specification about the car sometime later this month. Now, with the help of their teaser campaign they are just identifying the nature of reviews they are getting or finding out whether curios clients are visiting their website and trying to dig out other information about this model. Now they are trying to keep the car lovers busy talking about this undisclosed model.

The makers have though of a unique concept, that is one model with dual appearance strategy. The car can be positioned in either category. This thought thus demands a special reference. Now once they will talk about the cars technical specifications, then only people will understand its credibility. Apart from the specification, customers are also interested to know the pricing structure of the model, which will be disclosed when the car is ready for launch.

Though the company spokes person was not available for any comment, yet from the nature of the teaser campaign, one thing is clear that the Vygor has planned to surprise the car lovers across the world with some special features and style that the world has never seen before.

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