Mitsubishi Motors with MIVEC Powertrain

03 New Mitsubishi Engine 1.8 liter MIVEC Engine 4J10 with Auto Stop Go System Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution View  Mitsubishi Motors with MIVEC Powertrain

Fuel is very precious material to power the vehicle. A car can’t run without being fed fuel. However, it is also true the prices of fuel are shooting high due to the steady shortage of natural oil and gasoline products in the market. Therefore, car manufacturing companies are trying to make the most eco-friendly and fuel efficient cars which will consume less fuel.

Mitsubishi Motors is no exception and it has already declared that the company is doing extensive research to make the new MIVEC powertrain which will save fuel and money as well. 1.8 liter capacitated gasoline based powertrain under the brand name of 4J10. This engine will be upgraded discarding the major to minuscule technical deformities for the enhancement of the acceleration of the torque and horse power.

The car will have equally competent Auto Stop & Go in assisting the MIVEC engine to backfire good amount of torque in ensuring the speedy activation of the car wheels. Highly sophisticated inline cylinders with 16 valves will be installed into the car for controlling the fuel consumption process. There are other technical features which are connected to the overall performance of the vehicle.

The car is loaded with dampers to check the friction. The job of the automatic torque converter is to increase the frequency of torque. Servos are insulated with torque fluid to speed up the production of torque to add more speed to the rotation of the car wheels. More significant feature of the vehicle lies in the natural color contrast, properly upgraded struts with carbon diffusers to minimize the carbon emission. This car has low tendency to release carbon. The air spoiler inside the cabin of the vehicle is meant for ensuring airflow into the compartment of the car. The inner beauty of the vehicle is excellent. So far as the technical configuration of the car is concerned, experts have borrowed the most sophisticated technology to make the vehicle more dynamic and efficient.

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