Tesla Trying to Get Back Lost Glory to Release New 2014 e-Babies Soon

TESLA ROADSTER 0 Tesla Trying to Get Back Lost Glory to Release New 2014 e Babies Soon

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla. His expectation is high. In a statement, he has stated that after the revision of the Model S saloon in Beta format, Tesla has also started working on RAV-4 EV model through the co-operation with Toyota.

However, there are more new upcoming car models which will hit the market in succession. EV crossovers will have durable compartment with sophisticated street navigation systems. BMW 3-Series models have been launched by its rival. However, Tesla is also making plans to upgrade more energy-efficient vehicles which will vie with BMW Series. Finally, Roadster will be launched by the end of 2014.

All these futuristic models will be equipped with car upgradation tools like dampers to suck the shock for lowering friction, exhaust system, clam-shafts, carbon diffusers and powertrain accessories.

Tesla has also another resolution in the upgradation of the conventional e-cars. More powerful technology will be utilized to bring back the aesthetic luster and gloss to the vehicle by installing eco-friendly drive-train attachment, durable and sophisticated lithium based battery to power the vehicle. The third generation technology will be pressed into service to manufacture more fuel economic e-cars which will be found in the market after proper technical configuration.

Lastly, Bob Lutz has confirmed the production of more environment-friendly vehicles which perform more excellently overtaking other car models in terms of performance and quality. Breaking the barrier of conventional car upgradation program, the company will raise a technical revolution in the upgradation of new revised car models which will be less weighty and beautifully designed. These crossovers will have powerful fluorescent headlamp bezels, air inlets and trapezoidal grilles to increase the aesthetic appeal of the vehicles. To make the vehicle more durable, experts will surely use high quality weather resistant car tuning devices and tools to improve condition of these concept doppelgangers.

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