Toyota returns to Compete in 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours

Toyota to Compete in 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours Toyota returns to Compete in 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours

Toyota-one of the leading automobile brands has come clear about its intended participation in the forthcoming rounds of ’24 Hours’. Popularly referred as the ‘Grand Prix’ of car racing; ’24 Hours’ happens to be the most ancient form of car racing. Involving the interplay of sports car; the race usually held in Le Mans puts into test the racer’s dexterity as well as endurance.

Bearing in mind the race’s objective and gravity of the mentioned competition; Toyota’s chosen instrument hinges on its prospective plans for a new racing car. Supposed to be powered by a petrol backed powertrain; the planned car will have its chassis made in accordance with the norms of LMP 1. While the engine will be made in Japan; the chassis will be framed in Germany by the concerned brand. Tadashi Yamashina- a senior official of Toyota Motorsport reiterating the significance of the racing competition highlighted how the forthcoming ’24 Hours’ and ’20 Hours’ facilitated the company to survey the credibility of hybrid technology.

This isn’t the first time that the leading Japanese brand will be making it to Le Mans. It had previously participated in the renowned car race in the concluding years of nineties. But with the use of new technology it will be a moment to count on. Using hybrid know-how as a tool the Japanese are keen on throwing a new challenge. Besides posing a challenge; Mr. Yamashina also clarified about their commitment to learn and grow in experience. Undoubtedly, the competition in question will prove to be an appropriate forum in this regard. Hailing the traditional glory of Endurance Championship involving sports cars of various types; the chairman expressed his thankfulness to FIA & ACO on account of their support and solidarity.

The announcement is bound to create much enthusiasm and interest in the motor sporting circuit. It will be interesting to see how rest of the racing circuit braces itself to accept the recently announced challenge.

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