Which BMW would you choose of these?

2011 BMW 740i Full Test Which BMW would you choose of these?

BMW is back again, and this time with a brand new model in the BMW7 series: 740i. the car is supposedly a six-cylinder wonder, and is just as fast as its predecessors. The sale of car has been steady till date, and if anything, sales have continued to grow with passing time. Although it has been launched, a gap is still left between the 2011 BMW 740i and the 750i that has been vouched to reach 60mph in 5.2 seconds and the go one quarter of a mile in 13.5 at 103.7mph.

Still, this particular car has outdone several other V8 sedans such as the Hyundai Equus and Lexus LS 460. It is also in fact a little bit faster than the 2011 BMW 535i, despite of the latter car weighing 300 pounds less than this one.

Porsche is the only exception which has the gall to put a straight-up gasoline six-cylinder in a large high-end sedan. We know for sure that Mercedes-Benz has been silently slipping V6s into hybrid and diesel versions of the S-Class. The car we are currently dealing with matches the performance of the lighter yet a much less powerful Panamera V6.

There are plenty of good and logical economic reasons which would urge one to choose a 2011 BMW 740i over a 750i. For example the fuel economy: there’s nothing out of this world about the 740i’s EPA rating of 17 city/25 highway mpg, but we would find it completely sane to not go for the $1,000 gas-guzzler tax that the 750i gets due to its 15 city/22 highway mpg. Also we have seen that we average 19.7 mpg over 600 miles in the 740i.

And we compare them, it doesn’t even seem to be enough for a sample size to the 28,867 miles we put on our long-term 750i, but we have quite some doubts about whether we can go beyond the V8 sedan’s 17.3-mpg average over the long term.

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