2011 Maybach Edition 125 Wrapped Off on Special Occasion

2011 Maybach Edition 125 2011 Maybach Edition 125 Wrapped Off on Special Occasion

2011 Maybach Edition 125 2 2011 Maybach Edition 125 Wrapped Off on Special Occasion

To keep in mind the celebration of the passage of 125 years of the company, 2011 Maybach Edition 125 has been manufactured by a team of well trained engineers who are competent to tune and manufacture new cars.

This vehicle looks majestic. The superb aesthetic appeal and mind blowing color contrast are really appreciable. Maybach Edition has been upgraded by installing a number of tools and car tuning accessories. Experts have take care of the structural designs, application of eye-catching color shades inclusive of properly adjusted street nav systems to help vehicle operators to drive the cars with excellence. Patagonia silver color has been utilized to increase the glow of the exterior design whereas Tahiti black ensures the brightness of impressive black which enhances the proper impressiveness of the personality via usage of black color to paint the car.

The wonderful combination of gorgeousness of jet black color and more attractiveness of silvery color have produced a synergistic impact to accelerate both beauty and smartness of Maybach. This car has good speed and swiftness. You will be pleased to drive vehicle to cove the distance within short timeframe. V12 engine is naturally eco-friendly. It is fuel economy. This car is impressive in design.

The reduced rate of carbon emission has added a new feature of this vehicle. The automatic transmission is one of the most important car tuning accessories. You can’t complete the car upgradation program without installing automatic transmission to supply torque safely to activate car wheels. Road friction is another area of concern. You will have to check to what extent your vehicle is able to prevent friction to enhance the stability of the vehicle.

Black carbon fibers are light in weight and your car will look glamorous due to the proper application of the jet black hues in right combination with piano finish décor. The street navigation systems are up to the mark. The ergonomic design of the steering wheel and dashboard is nice and effective. Besides the performance of air flap is undeniable as it keeps air flowing inside the compartment of the car. This car is really amazing both in functionality and performance.


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