2011 Mercedes-Benz-E-Class E220 CDI – A Review

MercedesBenzEClassE220CDI 2011 Mercedes Benz E Class E220 CDI   A Review

In the automobile industry, the competition is high. A number of automakers release cars at different prices. You will have to check the updates to collect information in relation to prices of different easy to care and eco-friendly cars which must have excellent performances and mind blowing aesthetic appeals.

In India you will watch that every year, numerous sophisticated energy efficient and cost effective vehicles are sold. Recently, in a news report, experts have stated that the introduction of Mercedes-Benz-E-Class E220 CDI will create a powerful market for Mercedes to expand business more quickly. At first, Mercedes will sell E-class E220 for 44.50 lac rupees in Indian currencies. However comparing to Audi and BMW cars, the price range is higher to some extent.

This sophisticated and less weighty vehicle will take care of the upmarket. The upscale society will be spoon fed by delivering E-class vehicles which have terrific speed, attractive color contrast and eye catching street nav systems for perfecting driving style.

The technical features of Mercedes E-class vehicle include

  • Model type : 2011 E220 CDI
  • Engine Volume : 2,143 cc
  • Powerplant Power (Max): 170 BHP @ 3000 RPM
  • Torque (Max): 400 Nm @ 1400-2800 RPM
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Drive Type: FR
  • Number of Car Passenger: 5
  • Tire Size : 245mm/45/17inch
  • Fuel efficiency: 17.1km/ℓ
  • Overall Length: 4,870mm
  • Overall Width: 1,855mm
  • Overall Height: 1,465mm
  • Wheel Base: 2,875mm
  • Vehicle Weight: 1,875kg

Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI- Learn about Technical Features

E 220 CDI Blue EFFICIENCY tool has been installed into the engine compartment. The lighting fixtures of the car are really good in terms of design and performance. Bi-Xenon lamps provide the eye-adjustable light to help drivers to do street navigation properly. LED daytime lamps are also extremely essential for drivers to do their street navigation programs. Artico type leather has been used to design the car seats which are also retractable and easy to install.

The interior portion of the compartment of the vehicle has been properly decorated using the sophisticated car upgradation accessories like ultra light carbon fiber trims, leather made upholsters, floor carpets, ergonomically designed steering wheels, dashboard, binnacles, dashboard, and sun visors. Rear view reflectors are supposed to be planted inside the cockpit of the car. Experts will also install SPEEDTRONIC speed regulating attachment to improve the condition of the car.

Recently, you will find a tendency to choose various types of street mapping and weather checking tools for the upgradation of the vehicle. A team of well experienced engineers and experts are trying their level best to bring more dynamism to the car design. THERMOTRONIC automatic climate observing accessory will make the car more user-friendly to people.

The car will have properly designed the car wheels which are perfectly fixed to the compartment of the vehicle. Presafe safety accessories will provide the protection to car passengers. Active bonnet of the car is excellent and durable. Electric hydraulic braking attachment will help car operators to ensure trouble free start and stop modes. There are also 8 airbags inclusive of 2 pelvis pouches to provide comfort and safety to car passengers. PARKTRONIC tool comes handy to guide street navigators to park the cars. This device will give a technical backup to the drivers to place the car at the parking station more accurately.

Finally, AUDIO 20 infotainment system is naturally capable of offering the marvelous musical tunes which soothe the ears. Just enjoy car trips by listening to the excellent music via your electronic infotainment system. This is the car which has a powerful powertrain and automatic transmission. There are also clutch disc hubs to ensure the channelization of torque to reactivate wheels of the vehicle. Torque fluid is applied to insulate servos and clutch hub to bring speed to the production of the applied force in the form of torque to increase the volume of torque. Besides, automatic torque converting tool is more energy efficient and capable of increasing torque level at high speed.


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