2011 Premier Rio with a Compact Car Upgradation Kit

2011 Premier Rio Compact SUV Petrol 2011 Premier Rio with a Compact Car Upgradation Kit

For the last couple of years, there has been a dramatic change in the mindsets of car lovers. They are no longer reliant on the conventional car designs which have been overused. The steady lackluster and usage of same technology and designs have bored consumers to some extent. They like change to keep in touch with modern society.

However, it will be a matter of great pleasure that Premier Rio vehicles have been backfired to India. This sophisticated car is now available for 4.70 lakh rupees in Indian currencies. Now, one should have to try level best to update one’s mind by collecting more reliable information about the Rio sports utility vehicle which is more fantastic and magnificent in color contrast.

Premier has done a good job by launching the petrol fuelled powertrain in India. The attraction of the car is remarkably high. Premier Rio car is eco-friendly and fuel efficient. The miniature shape of the compartment of the vehicle is extremely eye-catching and gorgeous. The sports utility vehicle is available in different colors. Before buying this fuel economic sophisticated vehicle, you will have to opt for the analytical research to get back more reliable information about the features of the new car.

The length, width and height of the new car are 3900mmx1555mmx1670mm. Experts have also taken care of the installation of wheelbases to ensure comfortable trips by car. The radius of the wheelbase is 2420 mm. Simultaneously front and rear tracks are 1305mm x 1310mm.

The engine specifications are also remarkable. An upgraded 1.2 liter capacitated V4 engine provides adequate torque to reactivate car wheels. Engine displacement is 1733cc. This SUV vehicle is naturally efficient to cover the long distance at high speed without leaving carbon footprints excessively. Though it is petrol based car, special protection and care have been taken so far to check the constant backflow of carbon in the shape of dark fume in the sky. You will get max power 75.6 BHP @ 5800 RPM

  • Max Torque level: 103.9 Nm @ 3500 to 4000 RPM
  • Seating Capacity: 5 matured persons
  • 5 Speed Manual transmission tool

However, more stress has been given so far on the car upgradation process by applying innovative techniques to bring more speed, dimension and modification to the car. If you probe extensively, you will come into contact with several technical specifications inclusive of long lasting guarantee.

The specifications include :

  • Headlamp bezels with glass protectors
  • ORVM on E-mode.
  • Tailgate opener
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Large tail lamps
  • Side cladding
  • Rear washer
  • Rear window demisters
  • Tinted glass insulated windows
  • Fog lamps at rear side
  • Black B-pillars
  • 205 / 70 R15 steel wheels (tubeless)
  • Roof Rails
  • Room lamp
  • Vanity glass reflectors
  • Day-Night rearview reflector
  • Front seat headrests (adjustable)
  • Rear seat head restraints
  • Front door trim pockets
  • Front seat back pocket (driver side)
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Detachable ashtray
  • Remote controlled lid opener
  • Digital timepiece
  • Speakers (4)
  • Door ajar warning devices
  • Tachometer to record the rotation of the wheelbases.
  • 3 spoke steering wheel
  • CD infotainment with AM / FM radio
  • Power steering wheel.
  • Front Electric powered windows
  • Central door with locking accessories
  • Heater
  • Child lock (rear door)
  • Keyless escutcheon

Last but not the least; you will be able to participate into nocturnal street navigation campaigns by using this fantastic vehicle. The aerodynamic design and fastback concept have been blended to tune the vehicle. Naturally, the overall structural aesthete of the car is superb and unforgettable.

In Indian market you will find this excellent vehicle at comfortable prices. The energy efficient drive train attachment will surely accelerate the working capacity of the vehicle. Dampers are workable with long lasting impact to check the friction. The automatic transmission tools are performance based. This automatic transmission device performs well to channelize the torque from the powerplant to the car wheels. Torque fluid is applied to servos, torque converter and disc hubs of the clutches to ensure the speedy acceleration of the torque level.

The negative camber is good and higher. The drag in engine co-efficiency is low but under control to enhance the swiftness of the vehicle. The outward part of the vehicle has been painted in magnificent colors. The whole car compartment is light in weight with marvelous operating systems.


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