2011 Suzuki APV – An Utilitarian Vehicle

2011 Suzuki APV Utilitarian Vehicle 1 2011 Suzuki APV   An Utilitarian Vehicle

The multi functional carrier with its facility for eight seats and well paneled body; lives up to the very essence of an APV (all purpose vehicles). The APV of the leading Japanese brand- Suzuki; is one of the rarely sold passenger vehicles. With designing details being provided in Japan and assembling details in Indonesia- the multi functional vehicle is supposed to epitomize economy and toughness.

Structured on a chassis of ladder frame, the designers from Japan did not compromise on principles of safety despite ensuring bare minimum cost. The van’s body has been specially designed with an eye on propriety. This has been particularly ensured in view of the passenger’s safety- so that collision energy is directed away from the passengers. There is impact beams fitted on to the doors as well. The doors with impacts and existence of air bags count amongst its other safety features.

The purposeful car is marked by its distinctive external appearance. As you venture indoor; you can well size up its interior spaciousness. In fact, its extensive spaciousness can easily accommodate as many as eight grownups of the normal size. You can avail of seats in three existing rows. But in case, you choose to have the third row up; availability of luggage space has to be compromised on. However, the option for having the third row folded up leads to the expansion of the storage area. In fact, the space is large enough to accommodate the storage and transport of a moderately sized washing machine.

Some of the mechanized aspects of this utilitarian car include electrically maneuvered window, mirror of the similar kind, locking system controllable by remote and air conditioner. Equipped with wheels of alloy, the van is powered by means of an engine of 1.6 liter. You can also avail of the option for choosing between a manually operated gearbox and that which is automatic in operation.


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