2011 Suzuki Celerio – a solution to fuel efficiency

2011 suzuki celerio 2011 Suzuki Celerio   a solution to fuel efficiency

2011 suzuki celerio 2 2011 Suzuki Celerio   a solution to fuel efficiency

Celerio happens to be one of Suzuki’s inventions in the realm of mini sized car. Ventured way back in 2009; it perhaps is the latest offering from the Japan based automobile giant. It was intended to be marketed along with Alto- another offering of the same brand.

Celerio manufactured by India based Maruti- Suzuki is offered in place of Alto in many countries, where the latter variety isn’t available. The mini sized car however includes all the stylish features of a trendy car of the hatchback kind. Despite efforts made with the objective of economy; the hatchback fits into the idea of a modern car with techno savvy features.

The vehicle is marked by the presence of an engine of one liter. The engine with four cylinders matches the tiny sized motor. You can have the speed adjusted by means of gearbox of four or five speed variety. Gearbox includes options and you can choose between manually driven or automatically controlled gearbox.

Options for stereo with CD & MP3 drives, airbags of two kinds, fog lamps and alloy based wheels are its distinctive trademarks. Moreover, as stylish as any other of its kinds; you are ensured of keyless entry. As far as the interior of the cabin is concerned; you can avail of extensive storage space. It includes a dashboard of plastic make and minimum use of gauge cluster. Though the windows on the rear end can be popped up; you cannot have them rolled up or down around the side of the ventilator.

Interestingly, the mini styled car offered by the Japanese automobile brand did not perform up to its mark in crash tests carried out in Europe. But it will definitely serve a useful purpose in the Gulf. Being a lightly made car; it will make for immense fuel efficiency in the region.


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