2011 Tiny Daihatsu Pico EV Concept ready for launch

Tiny Daihatsu Pico EV Concept 1 2011 Tiny Daihatsu Pico EV Concept ready for launch

Tiny Daihatsu Pico EV Concept 2011 Tiny Daihatsu Pico EV Concept ready for launch

The PICO which is the third model of Daihatsu concept is heading to participate in this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Daihatsu, the oldest car maker in Japan aims at introducing four new concept cars in the 42nd Motor show to be held in Tokyo. He specialises in the production of Kei cars. Daihatsu is celebrating sixtieth year of its production. He is honed for his skills in designing micro vehicle for an environment where there is less space and roads are congested. The automaker aims at introducing three tiny concepts in the upcoming Motor show. These include the D-X Sports car, the PICO and the FC ShoCase.

The PICO is a minute two-seater EV commuter which can be positioned between motorcycles and small cars. The Daihatsu concept is smaller than the Smart Fortwo with 2400 mm length, 1000mm width and 1530mm height. The driver and the passenger can enter the vehicle just by raising the protective bar which opens like a scissor style door. It has space for two passengers. Other features in this model include the LED panels which are incorporated on the protective bars and also in the front and rear ends of the car. It will be a machine of just 400 kg which is equivalent to about 880 pounds. It can also display a variety of messages to warn pedestrians and other motorists on the road. The batteries can be charged in two hours. It can go up to a speed of 50km/hr. This model has been designed to adapt to different situations and may find its application mostly as a local delivery vehicle. With all new features this new model is all set for its launch. Lets hope for its successful launch and wish that it will satisfy its customers and will also fulfil the automaker’s dream.

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