2011 Toyota Fun-Vii Concept Heading to the Tokyo Show

Toyota Fun Vii Concept 2011 2011 Toyota Fun Vii Concept Heading to the Tokyo Show

While Japan’s top brand has some more including the Fun vii concept model for the Motor Show that is to be held in Tokyo from 30th November to 11th December, there is no doubt that the new 86 coupe will be the star of Toyota’s booth. The experimental sample is described as a smartphone on wheels as it functions much like a mobile phone. The whole body as well as the interior of the vehicle can be used as a huge display space with both the display and the body colour changeable at the will of the owner which can be done at same comfort level as of downloading an application. This model also interacts and is also able to link with the infrastructure as well as with the surrounding vehicles. A portion of the function of the car can be controlled by a smartphone or by some other mobile communication device.

We will learn more about this model and also about the other cars that Toyota has in store for us on 30th November in the Tokyo. We won’t be surprised if Toyota presents some more crazy concepts. So tomorrow will be a day for all car lovers as many new model will be launched in such a great occasion.


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