2012 Ford Ecosport Mini SUV in India ,Features and Price in India

Ford Ecosport Mini SUV  2012 Ford Ecosport Mini SUV  in India ,Features and Price in India

Ford cars are always attractive in terms of design, style and presentability. However, till now in India there is no sports utility vehicle of Ford lineup. For this reason, to compensate the lacunae in the Indian market, the management team of Ford has decided to capture the domestic market of India by backfiring stylist and fashionable Ford Ecosport mini sports utility vehicle.

Technical Features

The technical features of the car are as follows like sophisticated powertrain which is capable to bring speed and force to the car as it generates adequate torque to activate car wheels. It is also a matter of appreciation due to the proper enhancement of the car upgradation process in more organized way. The compactness of the structural aesthete of the new concept cars will be found in Indian market before the end of the upcoming year. Maybe in the first quarter of 2012, the premier show will be hosted in the capital city of India to exhibit few sample one-off models of Ford Ecosport mini sports utility vehicles. Ford Ecosport vehicle has a 2.0 liter capacitated four wheel drive with the strength of 2.0 Flex powertrain attachments. 4-stroke spark ignition system is also in the list of car upgradation accessories. Petrol and ethanol mixture will be utilized to spoon feed the car for better swiftness, good performance and low risk of air pollution.

The exterior texture of the vehicle will be designed in attractive colors like blue, milky white and orange. However, more stress has been given to upgrade the fascia of the vehicle by attaching trapezoidal grilles, pronged bezels for keeping fluorescent lamps in perfect order. The air inlets will be installed to keep the engines and other parts in cool temperature due to the constant airflow through small ventilators of air inlet.

The scuttle tremor is comparative low whereas the vehicle will not suffer from any structural deformity as experts will apply the innovative design to beautify the vehicle. This car is supposed to be sold at above mentioned prices in Indian market. By 2012, a pack of newly built Ford Ecosport doppelgangers will be seen in the market to satisfy consumers.

Street navigation system, the interior décor accessories and properly designed retractable car seats will be upgraded. The inner space will be properly utilized by using the durable upholsters, the carbon fiber and sophisticated tools like odometers, speedometers, tachometers and binnacles on dashboards of these new car models.

Indirect fuel injection is another salient feature. You will have good chance to undergo a car trip without suffering from any technical problem. DOHC fuel system has been applied to ensure proper car upgradation and tuning process.

To be frank, Ford Endeavor is not well fitted to Indian customers who like more space to keep luggage and ensure comfortable journey while sitting inside the car. However, problem has been solved with the production of fuel economic and spacious Ecosport utility vehicle which is suitable to those who like to enjoy street navigation at night.

Prices of Ecosport

This excellently tuned vehicle is supposed to be available at more comfortable prices ranging from 7 lakh rupees up to 10 lakhs.

Other Features

Mini SUV is really attractive in design. The glasswork has been taken care of by specialists. Wind shields, side screens and rear glass protectors are supposed to be used to decorate the vehicle. The four car wheels are durable with properly upgraded tire bands. The traction is good as rubber bands of the wheels are eco-friendly, durable and efficient. The carbon emission will be prevented to some extent. The color contrasts of these new cars are really good. The rear boot lid of the car is properly fitted to the wagon station of the vehicle. Eco-friendly car upgradation accessories will be shortlisted after doing vast research to ensure better installation program to wipe out negative features of the vehicle.


  1. c s tripathi says:

    good efforts from ford
    this car is good looking to indian conditions
    SMALL SUV but good

  2. c s tripathi says:

    good car for indian conditions

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