2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic

2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic 2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic

2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic 1 2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic

2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic 5 2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic

2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic 2 2012 Jeep Liberty Arctic

Jeep is a specially decorated vehicle which has solid hardware. The strong compartment of the jeep will not be smashed by accident. Liberty Arctic jeep is a concept vehicle which needs to be backfired in the upcoming year. Los Angeles Auto exhibition will be held to exhibit the concept Liberty Arctic jeep which will have strong chassis, properly upgraded street nav system, steering wheel which is ergonomic along with a number of car upgradation accessories.

The company has prioritized the color contrasts and structural aesthete. This vehicle will surely wipe out your trouble. There are four color shades which are supposed to be applied to paint the exterior texture of jeep. These eye catching colors are winter chill, glamorous silvery color, bright milky white and mineral gray. The attractive Arctic badge will be embossed on the frontal fender which gives safeguard to the tire bands. The leather/rubber tire fenders ensure the protection of car wheels from fiction, water and dirt. 16 inches aluminum based wheels in glossy black color. The wheelbase are properly installed and fixed to the axle bars.

Liberty Arctic jeep will also be available in dark black and attractive orange hues to insulate the exterior of the car. The properly designed Arctic logo has been engraved on the rear side of the retractable squads inside the compartment of the vehicle. These car seats are also equipped with headrests and retractability features. There is enough space inside the compartment of the jeep. It is eco-friendly and fuel economic.

The jeep has been upgraded fantastically. There are street nav systems which include a speedometer, a tachometer, an odometer and an ergonomically designed steering wheel. The sun visors, glass reflectors and rear view glass reflectors are also available in this vehicle upgradation kit. Comparatively, this concept jeep will have low carbon emission habit.

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