2012 Kia Ray Compact to Be Launched in Korean Market

2012 Kia Ray Compact 2012 Kia Ray Compact to Be Launched in Korean Market

Last year, the management board of Kia declared an official statement in which the officers made a joint declaration regarding the future vision of the company. This automaker has had a growth oriented project which needs to be implemented to ensure the compact car upgradation program. For instance, Kia launched Ray car model in previous year. This Ray vehicle was superb in design. It stands for bright light to disperse darkness to welcome the bright daylight to ensure prosperity. However, there is information regarding the release of an upgraded car model under the same name.

This Korean automaker has brought a technical revolution and compact development in the upgradation of the new Kia Ray vehicle which will be more eco-friendly and fuel economic. This fully upgraded Kia Ray car will be found in the Korean domestic market soon to spoon feed the young generation by offering newly built light weighted luxurious vehicles on easy terms and conditions. Kia has done a vast survey to know response of consumers in this regard.

The new Ray model will have properly designed grilles which are trapezoidal with the display of signature. Besides, LED lamps, rear doors with sliding features and accurately upgraded the street monitoring devices will be installed into car compartments to ensure cost effective street navigation.

The automatic transmission device is excellent in supporting the supply of the torque from the powertrain via clutch disc hub to activate wheelbases for better movement of the vehicle. The negative camber of the car wheels is remarkably excellent. The positive camber is also adjustable. The combination of two types of camber effect helps drivers to operate the cars competently. The bottle necked streets and narrow lanes can be faced comfortably due to the formation of proper angles of the wheelbases to ensure the increase in the volume of traction to prevent wheel skidding at the time of facing twists and turns of the street. Kia Ray variant is also fuel economic to a great extent.

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