2012 Mercedes Aerodynamic Articulated Vehicle – A Review

2012 Mercedes Benz Aero Trailer Concept 2012 Mercedes Aerodynamic Articulated Vehicle – A Review

2012 Mercedes Benz Aero Trailer Concept 3 2012 Mercedes Aerodynamic Articulated Vehicle – A Review

If you watch a conventional heavy weight truck, you will find that the articulated vehicle has a huge box or container which is attached to the frame of the truck through the axle bars which are also pivotal. This heavy weight truck plus trailer creates a lot of problems for carrying goods.

Keeping in mind all the risk factors, Mercedes Benz has created comparatively rig vehicle which has a semi- truck and a trailer. You will be happy to learn that this articulated vehicle is equipped with an aerodynamic trailer with covered lid. You can push and detach the trailer from the truck. Better to say, there is huge scope to adjust the truck and trailer with comfort.

The drive-train attachment is eco-friendly and fuel efficient. The articulated vehicle is able to take the pressure of equipage, and other concrete materials. Airdam, side panels and the main container of the articulated vehicle are light weighed and trimmed. The aerodynamic structure of the rig vehicle looks fantastic. The rig is more flexible due to the proper fixation of pivoted axles/bar to reinforce the fixation of a truck and a trailer. The sleek trailer is well covered. The frontal fascia of the rig vehicle is designed with fluorescent lamp bezels, air inlets and the properly upgraded bonnet. The strong windshields are made of glass. Front and rear tires in tandem are durable and capable of producing the excellent traction to check up the friction and skidding tendency to a great extent. There are other technical specifications which must be highlighted more scientifically.

The articulated truck has been upgraded with am automatic transmission, carbon diffusers, powerplants, dampers, and an exhaust system in order. The torque converter is capable of generating torque more due to the application of torque fluid to insulate servos, automatic transmission and the clutch disc hubs. The role of the automatic transmission is to speed up the supply of the applied force in the form of torque coming out from the engine via clutch discs to reach the front and rear wheelbases for the activation.

The functionality of the drive train is remarkable in terms of performance and durability. This articulated vehicle is smart and more dynamic in design. You will have to admit its extraordinary structural charisma. The wonderful blend of sophistication of car design and majestic aesthete of the vehicle enhances the natural beauty and elegance. It glows to some extent due to the smooth glossy exterior texture of the rig along with fully transparent fluorescent lamps which backfire dazzling but eye-adjustable psychedelic light to brighten up the darkened highways during nocturnal expedition. You can travel the long distance to reach a remote backcountry by driving this light weight semi trailer truck. The squads inside the cockpit of this articulated vehicle are retractable, fully ergonomic and adjustable with headrests. There are rear view reflectors, inset mirrors and glass insulated windows.

Modern engineers have compensated the gap more technically. That means during configuration of the rigged vehicle, they adjust the big size trailer to the main truck using a set of flexible, detachable, and easy to operate pivoted axle bars which don’t create any harsh sound when the trailer shakes in tremor due to the constant jerking of the articulated vehicle.

The negative camber of the wheelbases is higher than expectation. The lower part of the wheelbase extends far comparing to the upward section of the wheelbase. It forms a justified angle to check the friction, minimize the skidding-off tendency and it also helps the driver to steer the wheelbases properly to face any bottlenecked corner of a lane. Every twist and turn at the junction of the streets seems to be well taken care of by this smart vehicle even in the rough weather condition. The fluorescent lamp is bright in color and it emits so soft and nice light to magnify the streets at night very clearly. The whole articulated vehicle is fuel economic and energy efficient.


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