2012 Varley evR450 is First-Ever E-Car in Australia

VARLEY EVR450 1 2012 Varley evR450 is First Ever E Car in Australia

Aussies prefer sophisticated cars which are generally capable of covering long distance within short time. These vehicles must be eco-friendly and extremely luxurious for fashionable guys. Australian automobile industry is being nestled by a number of automakers and multinational companies which participate into the completion of the growth oriented car upgradation programs.

In past, Aussies have got Holden and Commodore vehicles which are packed with lot of tools and weather resistant car upgradation accessories. However, Australia is always seen in the commanding position to enhance the car upgradation and tuning programs using the most sophisticated technology to make more environment friendly cars which are swift in running with excellent street navigation devices. Super cars are in high demand in Australian market. These superb light weight vehicles are made in Australia to facilitate the upscale class. Varley is not a company. Better to say, it is a commercial consortium which is formed by a number of small and large scale automakers. Now Varley group has invested time, money and labor to finalize the deal which has ensured the introduction of powerful Varley evR450 car model. This super car is considered to be the first e-car which is easy to drive. The e-baby of Varley group will not dampen nature by backfiring caboodle of fumes and black smokes containing harmful carbon. The lithium batteries will power the car and therefore there is no risk of suffering from the dispnea and bad odor due to the release of black junk elements in the form of carbon.

The sprinting time of this new e-car is 3.8 seconds to cover 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) whereas the topmost speed of the vehicle is approximately 200 km/h (125 mph). Range extension kit will be available to determine the smooth car driving. Other technical specifications of this electric cars include energy efficient drive-train package, automatic transmission, dampers, exhaust system and other car upgradation tools like carbon diffusers and metallic struts close to the wheelbases of the vehicle.

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