2013 Hyundai Genesis to Be Launched in NA Market

Hyundai G Coupe 5 2013 Hyundai Genesis to Be Launched in NA Market

2013 Hyundai Genesis car will be upgraded using the eco-friendly sophisticated technology. The technical modification is supposed to be well taken care of by a team of specially trained engineers. Instead of installing conventional powertrain attachment, experts will be given power to apply their innovative technology to modify the outlook of the vehicle.

The one-off vehicle of Genesis concept will hit the North American car exhibition show for compact technical upgradation and practical hands-on demos. By 2013, this concept vehicle will be backfired from the walk-in storage space for sale.

However, meanwhile the company has released colorful snapshots of perfectly tuned one-off models for the benefits of consumers. Genesis is a coupe type four wheelers. The inner decoration has been done by a team of modern car designers.

Technical specifications include 3.8 liter capacitated V6 powertrain which has the efficiency to generate 350 hp with direct fuel injection facility. Experts have increased the torque level. According to an official spokesperson, the company is no longer hankering after conventional car upgradation techniques due to the introduction of sophisticated tools to improve the condition of the various parts of the car. Inter cooler, automatic transmission, torque converting tool and other car tuning accessories have been improved to increase the overall functionalities of the concept vehicle.

The suspension dampers are capable of checking friction which will be severe in the event of surplus shock. Dampers work better to resist such technical drawback. Sonata Turbo’s Theta 2.0 TCi powerplant will also be installed into the engine compartment by replacing the old model. The carbon emission rates of this vehicle are low. This vehicle is energy efficient and fuel economic.

The car wheels are covered with durable rubber bands. The compartment of the vehicle is well fitted and you will have a no problem to maintain the aesthetic quality of the compartment. This is the futuristic vehicle which is also equipped with street nav system to help drivers to drive vehicles with pleasure.



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