2013 Nissan GT-R Variant with Eco-friendly Features

2012 Nissan GT R Track Pack 2013 Nissan GT R Variant with Eco friendly Features

2012 Nissan GT R Track Pack 2 2013 Nissan GT R Variant with Eco friendly Features

Nissan has already declared that the company will put extra effort to launch few upgraded sophisticated vehicles which will be more eco-friendly and fuel economic. Nissan car models are fully functional and light in weight. In previous years, Nissan tried to satisfy consumers by releasing GT-R dated back to 2007. However, at that time this model was not fully tuned due to the restricted usage of ultra modern tools. Later, the experiments and researches were carried out to bring a revolution in the automobile industry.

Keeping in touch with modern times, Nissan has formatted its car upgradation program in more systematic way so that every model will be more efficient with excellent performance records. At present, the company has had a special plan to introduce more competent concept vehicles for capturing international market. For instance, 2013 Nissan GT-R variant will have specially upgraded car tuning accessories which will be durable, workable and result oriented.

A short analytical overview can make you knowledgeable about features of this new concept car which won’t suffer from technical drawback and structural deformity. In a press release, one of the official spokespersons of Nissan has confirmed the introduction of energy efficient powertrain for ensuring the smooth production of torque to activate the car wheels. This powerplant is capable of generating 550 hp and its overall performance will be much better than the old versions of Nissan.

In another interview, CEO of Nissan has divulged the future resolution of the company. Nissan GT-R will be sold in Japan and Europe under the title of 2012 MY model whereas in North America this model will bear different title under 2013 MY Moniker model.

The modification will be started from within as experts will plant 3.8 liter capacitated twin turbo V6 powertrain attachment inside the engine compartment of the vehicle. There will be other car upgradation tools like inter-cooling device, exhaust system and more efficient automatic transmission. The maximum torque generating capacity of the engine is 632NM. Besides, this concept vehicle will have power to save fuel up to 12lt to 11.8L/100km in total. Therefore the efficiency to resist wastage of fuel is comparatively high.

Nissan has already established a commercial rapport with NordRing Company located in Japan to ensure better car upgradation program. Additional brake cooling, less weighty car compartment inclusive of Ray branded wheels with air spoilers will be planted into the car compartment for better outlook and superb car design.

This car has speed to cover long distance. It is also suitable to washboard. The street nav system is multifunctional. The newly upgraded tachometer is supposed to be installed into the cockpit of the car. Electronic infotainment accessory will also be inserted to ensure the sophistication of design of the car.

The extra emphasis has been given to accelerate the luster and elegance of both exterior and interior of the concept vehicle which is thought to be released in the market by the end of 2013. The car wheelbases are really upgraded and functional. The tire bands, axle bars, struts, and other car upgradation accessories like dampers, exhaust system and carbon diffusers will be newly tuned to increase the efficiency of vehicles.

The negative camber of the car wheels is remarkably higher. The lower potion of the wheels extends more than the upper section of the car wheels. This type of position of the wheelbases naturally helps forming angles to increase the traction. Car is also equipped with sophisticated binnacles on dashboard, rear view reflectors, and properly tuned interlocking systems to increase safety of side doors. The sun visors, washers, odometer, speedometer, glass windows, front and rear windshields will be upgraded properly to enhance the charismatic effect of the vehicle.

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