2014 Volvo XC90 Design Proposals

2014 Volvo XC90 Design Proposals 2014 Volvo XC90 Design Proposals

Volvo has admitted that XC90 is a latecomer in the SUV market as it was introduced in 2002. However, this does not lessen its importance. Volvo claims that it is the most valuable export product in Sweden. The U.S market is leading with its sale, the number being 38,800 units in 2004 and 36,200 in 2005. But in the auto industry nine years is a very time. The competition has gone forward although Volvo’s SUV has been updated thrice in 2007, 2009 and 2011. In the mean time, the Swedish company is sold to Geely, who is at present developing the replacement for XC90.

It is admitted that the next generation car will also be a latecomer as it is in the first stages of its development and is not ready to hit the market till 2014. It is just before the Auto show in Los Angelus that the car and driver has visited Volvo’s design studio in California. But the Swedish company had nothing to show other than the Concept You sample. There, the magazine is peak at four sketches which outlines the different design proposals. One is a front shot that incorporates the new face as previewed by the Concept You. The other three images include three quarter sketches which look similar. Although they appear similar, they vary from each other in many details including the shape of the tail lamps as well as the size and angle of the C pillar.

However, it has not yet been commented on which of the four is closest to getting green light, but it is revealed that the new XC90 will be the first model using the new Scalable platform architecture. The Swedish company has also revealed that the engine of the new model will consist of four cylinder units.


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