Already spied on – 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

2013 genesis coupe promo shot Already spied on   2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The renovated version of Genesis Coupe- the latest one from the leading automobile brand Hyundai, has already been spied upon. With one of the auto related websites allowing a glimpse into the same, the sleek and sophisticated coupe has come into the focus, well before its official launch.

The Coupe preceding the latest brand involved pretty complexities as to its front end. But the latest one in the offing displays addition to the readymade mesh of complexities. Features of hexagonal grille and that of fascia opening seemed to have been influenced by 2012 Veloster. The model with its exceptional speed potential includes LED detailing and vented hood in pattern of a whale tail. Though much of the body side detaining could not be captured by means of spied shot; but there appears to be the existence of wheels with five spokes. However, the innovative edition of the Genesis Coupe does not display much change as far as its dashing hind side window is concerned.

According to reliable source, the engine is expected to have power to the tune of six cylinders. To go by the same source, the engine is supposed to be supercharged with V6. Though official confirmation as to the same is awaited; there are evidences enough to prove the existence of Hyundai’s 5.0 liter V8 in the engine bay of the renovated model. Evidence as to this engine feature may be traced in the Millen Racing.

The model to receive its ceremonial inauguration during the motor show to be held in Detroit, is not expected to go beyond the details availed of by spying. For instance, it will be rather surprising if the racing model comes up with a cylinder of eight. The racing circuit on the threshold of New Year must be gearing itself appropriately to accept the latest edition.

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