Another Upgrade for Ferrari! – Anderson Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition

Anderson Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition 3 Another Upgrade for Ferrari!   Anderson Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition

13th September has gone long since, and yet though the car company’s bowled us over with all their concept cars, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the world of cars never seems to sleep. So now we bring to you, news from Ferrari.

As if we hadn’t had enough news about new upgrades about the Anderson Ferrari, and saturated with news of new cars to be launched in the market, we heard that the Anderson Ferrari 458 is going to be put through yet another upgrade!

This edition of the car has been called the Carbon Edition; and it is the same old tricks which they are going to apply this time around. This just means they would add an aero package, give boost to the performance, and this time with 53 horsepower. It would be powered through optimized engine software, and an exhaust system would be making the car a little more exclusive than others.

The exterior of the car has also been changed quite a bit. The aero package of the Anderson Ferrari 458 now sports a new front lip spoiler, and front bump flaps, wider side sills, a small rear lip spoiler, and all the air outlets, intake grilles, and ventilation grid.

Most of the car’s exteriors like the roof, the hood, the door mirrors, the handles, the trunk lid, diffuser and taillight trims had been coated by hand with carbon.

The custom exhaust of the car has been designed to let the car have three sound stages. The car also features a heat protection, a racing catalyst, and as well as special end pipes.

The Anderson Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition is set on a 21/22 inch carbon coated rim, which is wrapped in the tire sizes of 255/30-21 at the front and 335/25-22 at the rear, and they have revamped the engine’s capacity to 623 HP.

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