Different models of X type from Jaguar

jaguar x type 1 Different models of X type from Jaguar

X Type manufactured by Jaguar happens to be the brand’s statement in the realm of compactly made executive car. The appeal of the model lies in the twin blend of style and that of suspension designing. The base model with its front wheel has been constituted on the raised framework provided by Ford-Mondeo. There are higher vehicles equipped with all powered wheels to help counter rough terrains.

The elegantly designed model is mainly packaged in the regional market in the guise of a sedan. As far as the front powered model of X Type is concerned; it derives its sustenance from a V6 engine of 2.1 liters. But those with all powered wheels are powered by V6 engines of two and a half liters. The models gearing to greater traction are sometimes equipped with V6 engines of three liters.

Most cars of the existing kind are equipped with automatic gearbox of five speed. You may even go for a manually driven gearbox. Some of the exotic hallmarks of the smallest version of Jaguar brand include seats with leather encasement and power driven windows and doors. In addition to these, there are provisions for automated climate controlling device, remote device to maneuver locking and mirror with auto dimming facility.

The compactly designed salon car also includes high class facilities such as navigation device, sensors meant for parking, bigger wheels, efficient headlights and moon roof. However the model packaged for sports is equipped with additional features. Besides having a sport oriented suspension; the model includes mesh grille and front spoiler with additional depth. There is a spoiler on the hind side as well. The sports model is also marked by the presence of wheels of eighteen inches and performance enhancing tiers. Bearing in mind the zooming speed of the racing circuit; there are additional safety facets such as airbags, brakes and control mechanism to ensure stability.

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