New 2012 Subaru BRZ Sports Car: First Official Pictures revealed

2012 Subaru BRZ Sports Coupe 1 New 2012 Subaru BRZ Sports Car: First Official Pictures revealed

It is after the introduction of the model Toyota 86 that the Subaru presents the adaptation of the jointly developed back wheel drive sports car. The new BRZ got revealed just less than 14 days after the exhibition of the STI-badged model that took place in the auto show held at Los Angeles and also before the sports car which is to make its first appearance under the limelight of the 2011 Motor Show to be held in Tokyo on 30th November that is on Wednesday.

Although it is a known fact that the Subaru BRZ, the latest Scion FR-S and the Toyota 86 are all developed by both Toyota and Subaru, but it is expected that these models will differ in its flavour and appearance. This never happened. However, from the pictures that are revealed we can see that the exterior has changed to some extent between the Toyota 86 and the BRZ limiting its change to the front bumper, the fender trims, the alloy wheels and the tail lamp graphics. The interior designs are not yet revealed but it can be predicted that there would not be much difference between the two models. This is similar in case of mechanical hardware and Subaru’s 2.0 l flat four engine with Toyota’s D-45 port injection technology.

Power is transferred through a six-speed manual gearbox along with a short stroke lever or an alternative six-speed automatic with paddle shifts attached on the steering wheel. The base model will ride on 17 inch wheels which are wrapped around a 215/45R17 rubber. The words could have been just swapped from ‘Toyota’ to ‘Subaru’ and from ‘86’ to ‘BRZ’ but it is now too late. It would be practically repeating the same that was said of ‘86’ if one would go by the dimension and suspension.


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