New Model Tata Nano 2012 with Technical Specifications

2012 Tata Nano New Model Tata Nano 2012 with Technical Specifications

2012 Tata Nano 2 New Model Tata Nano 2012 with Technical Specifications

Tata is always in the van of activities to remodel their conventional vehicles for sale. Recently the decision has been taken by a group of experts at the management meetings hosted in the headquarters of Tata automaker.

It has been decided that Nano will be released after doing necessary technical configuration. That means old wine in new bottle. In a brief which was backfired from the head office of Tata, CEO has pointed out that the conventional fastback car design has been taken for using it to tune the Nano 2012. This fastback car was popular way back to 20th century when small fastback vehicles were found in the streets of NY City and London in Great Britain.

On the other hand, in another statement written by one of the official spokespersons of Tata automaker, it has been mentioned that so far so good the company has done a wonderful job by bringing a revolution to install new car upgradation tools in the car.

The technical specifications include energy efficient MPFI 624cc petrol backed engine which will offer good mileage and trouble free journey. Besides torque level will be around 51NM. Rate of fuel economy is 25.4 KMPL.

This Nano theme car provides comfort and space to people. At a time, approximately four car passengers can occupy seats inside the vehicle. The capacity of fuel storage unit is 15 liters.

The maximum speed is 105 kmph. There are other car tuning tools like transmission synchromesh which activates forward gears with sliding mesh system to re-activate reverse gear along with overdrive to operate fourth gear. There are total 5 gears with 4 being positioned in front and one being in the rear side or reverse. The functionality of dampers is also excellent. Automatic transmission tool has been upgraded to deliver the adequate generated torque from the engine to car wheels.

Modern technology has been used to upgrade this sophisticated fastback car. The portability of this vehicle is really appreciable. You will be overwhelmed to watch the beauty of this sophisticated vehicle. This car is capable of controlling lethal carbon as experts have decided to plant new carbon diffuser and smoke spewing prevention accessories to accelerate the efficiency of the vehicles.

Suspension Details

  • Front Independent, Lower tuned Wishbone, McPherson type Strut inclusive of dampers and anti-roll bar


  • Dual Circuit with vertically split brakes which are operated by vacuum booster
  • Front size is 180 mm diameter Drum Brake
  • Rear size is fixed at 180 mm diameter Drum Brake

The fantastic exterior design of the car is naturally excellent. You will get this Nano futuristic model in different color shades. In an official statement, top brass of Tata automaker has confirmed the full technical upgradation and modification of the vehicle using the latest technology. The interior section of the small fastback car will have retractable car seats. The leather and fabric will be used to design upholsters to increase the attraction of the vehicle.

There are other car upgradation and tuning accessories which need to be installed into the compartment of the car. For better outlook, experts have already taken decision to change the facelift. The aerodynamic design in front is excellent. The fluorescent lamps are installed into the grooves of bezels which are insulated and protected with glass lids. You can open the lids to replace bulbs if required. An air flap with window is also located in the right angle of the compartment of the vehicle. The air spoiler is durable and efficient to ensure the smooth airflow to detoxify the interior space.

The street nav system of this futuristic vehicle is really marvelous in terms of functionality and performance. The odometer, a tachometer, and a speedometer of the vehicle have been properly tuned. The front and rear glass windshields and side glass insulated screens are durable. There is adequate space inside the vehicle.


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