Renault Pulse Small Car Unveiled in India for Hands-on Exhibition

renaultpulse 560x420 560x420 Renault Pulse Small Car Unveiled in India for Hands on Exhibition

Without wallowing in the dark labyrinth of confusion, it can be admitted that India is fast becoming a commercial hotspot as with times proceeding new multinational companies and world famous entrepreneurs are seeking for places in India to test their efficiency to sell their products and services. They like to expand their businesses all over this Asian country. The same thing happens when world famous automakers visit India for establishing their commercial set-ups for gaining success and prosperity to dominate all over world. Better to say, they have plans to make Indian market as their foundations to control Asian market.

As a part of a growth oriented program, Renault Pulse small eco-friendly car has been exhibited for general people who like to use the sophisticated cars. This vehicle looks like Nissan Micra. It is light in weight. So far so good, experts have done a lot of experiments and trials to upgrade the vehicle. This concept vehicle will be more environment friendly and fuel economic. This theme car will have a fully upgraded powertrain which generates adequate torque to speed up the car. 1.5 liter dCi CRDI diesel fed powerplant is really energy efficient. To revive the gloss of the car, experts will try their level best to improve the condition of car upgradation accessories. Car compartment will have a properly designed street nav system. Interior design of the car is attractive. The fluorescent headlamps with perfectly upgraded bezels produce the soft beam to brighten up the streets. The trapezoidal grilles, air inlets, bumpers, side skis, struts, dampers, automatic transmission, exhaust system, carbon diffusers, retractable squads, sun visors, and windshields will be properly installed into the compartment of the vehicle.

The new concept vehicle will have extremely powerful street navigation accessories like a speedometer, an odometer, a tachometer, sound reduction attachment, weather checking device, binnacles, and an upgraded street mapping compass to ensure the better car operating program. The negative camber of the car wheelbases is naturally excellent. The drag-in engine co-efficiency rate is higher. The tire bands have good traction and to top it all the natural structural elegance will be well taken care of by a team of experts who will invest their time to ensure cost effective car upgradation for good endorsement campaigns in both domestic and international markets.

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