Super Car – Bulldog GT to be test driven in 2013

2013 HBH Bulldog GT 2 Super Car – Bulldog GT to be test driven in 2013

2013 HBH Bulldog GT Super Car – Bulldog GT to be test driven in 2013

HBH has tried its hands at designing the latest series of supercar. Settling to rest months of speculations; HBH has come up with its HBH Bulldog GT. The revelation not only put to rest rumors and speculations; but has also given way to a fresh lease of life as the latest version of supercar closely follows the features of Martin V12 Vantage.

In many ways the latest edition of supercar spearheaded by HBH draws inspiration from the aforementioned V12 Vantage of 1980. It’s double edged supercharger system deriving its strength from six liter engine ‘V12’; is capable of generating an amazing amount of 666 Horse Power. If compared to the original edition of Bulldog; the new edition’s amazing power is just a fraction short of its initial counterpart. But the power quotient of its engine is supposed to multiply by virtue of its supercharger system. The powerhouse of the super car is also to be equipped with manual gearbox of six speed axle. As of now the brand commits to the maximum speed of 186 miles in an hour’s time.

The Vantage equipped with ‘V12’ engine presents a renovated chassis. In fact, the changed chassis is supposed to ensure an improvised blend of safety and dynamism. Moreover the newly designed chassis is expected to deliver better management of accidental crashes. Likely to be textured out of aluminum; the trendy super car is to feature nineteen inched wheels of alloy.

According to the spokesperson of the mentioned brand; HBH will plan out its production target to suit the requirements of its prospective clients. In fact, as per its latest objective; the prototype of the super car is likely to make its way in a year’s time from now. In all likelihood, the introductory test drive will be held towards the beginning of 2013.

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