The Only Hybrid- 2012 Lexus CT

fc 2012 lexus ct 200h img01 gallery image large The Only Hybrid  2012 Lexus CT

The only hybrid in the category of small car to make it to the Gulf happens to be the “Lexus CT”. The fashionable hatchback bearing front powered wheels derives its energy from four cylinder engine of 1.8 liters. The powerhouse of the hybrid is accompanied by a mechanized CVT and motor with self charging capacity.

The hybrid finds its origin in models of the Toyota brand. Endowed with an independent suspension; the car include two different kinds of suspension system. While the front takes on the Macpherson suspension; the rear includes suspension system of the double wishbone type. Standardized features of the hybrid include a display facility, alloy wheels of sixteen inches and steering wheel with leather encasement. The display facility helps highlighting the extent of battery use.

The automatic air conditioning system of the car covers the entire expanse of the car. With the added facility for cruise control; you are ensured of a smoothly relaxing drive without having to bother about changes of speed. In case you are looking for a stylish entry without having to use your keys; the sleekly designed hatchback is sure to fit your choice. You just need to switch on the start button to make a dashing entry.

Other high flung features of the hybrid lie in its parking sensors, stereo facility with six speakers, foldable seat on the rear, sunroof and lamps with LED. Lamps on the front as well as on the rear are equipped with LED. While the top drape of the car is done up with leather encasement; adjustability of the driver’s seat is another of its hallmarks. Besides air conditioner, you can also avail of heaters, navigation device with screen and wipers for rain sensing.

Some of the safety provisions of “Lexus CT” include- curtains, airbags, stability control and high quality break assistance.

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