Toyota and Intel join hands

IFWT Toyota Toyota and Intel join hands

In terms of technology, Toyota has recently announced that it is coming up with a partnership with Intel to offer the buyers the next generation infotainment system. The automaker aims at providing seamless smart phone integration. Its motive is to combine in-car electronics and home together, thus enabling a seamless connection in all aspects of people’s lives. Falling behind the smart phones and tablets the connected car is the third fastest technological device in the world. As announced earlier in ‘Toyota Global Vision’, Toyota aims at leading the future mobile world through the summation of vehicle, home and information.

The project will not just focus on the current technology; the two corporations will investigate to integrate vehicles with its owner’s home. Both these corporations will try to make this vision a reality in the next few years. However, the actual outcome of this partnership will come out after one or two years. As reported by Intel it has been years that the company has been doing research on vehicle connectivity. It is now hopeful that with the partnership with Toyota they will be able to produce more seamless smart phone integration. We have to just wait for this vision to turn to reality.

–Kreation Guru

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