VW Boss Busy for Upgradation of XL1 Concept Vehicle for 2013

2013 VW XL1 Concept VW Boss Busy for Upgradation of XL1 Concept Vehicle for 2013

2013 VW XL1 Concept 1 VW Boss Busy for Upgradation of XL1 Concept Vehicle for 2013

In the automobile sectors, it has become a common incident to host auto exhibitions for increasing the public awareness programs in relation to old and new cars. Comparing to previous decades, the newly built vehicles are competent, energy-efficient and fuel economic. The XL1 vehicle is a type of hybrid concept vehicle which will be upgraded using superb performance based technology to heighten up the efficiency and durability of the vehicles. SEV car models are light in weight and more user-friendly. The electric diesel backed cars have powerful car upgradation tools like an energy efficient 27HP electric motor and 49hp capacitated V2 turbo diesel fed engine which works brilliantly. The energy efficient powertrain is workable it is also energy efficient.

2013 XL1 SEV- Fuel Economic and More Competent

By 2013, XL1 SEV car will be backfired to the market for sale. However, the technical configuration will be tested before the introduction of the new concept model to consumers. Martin Winterkorn is the well known CEO of the VW and he has confirmed the upgradation of both exterior and interior portions of the vehicle. In Germany a set of newly tuned doppelgangers will be released on a trial basis. This hybrid car is equipped with an automatic transmission device, an exhaust system, and carbon diffusers inclusive of drive-train attachment. The vehicle will have a solid compartment with a properly designed street monitoring system. The compartment of the vehicle is supposed to be built with light weight but durable materials and metal sheets.

This hybrid concept vehicle will have flawless swiftness due to low drag-in engine co-efficiency level. XL1 variant is superb in design and color contrasts. The aesthetic gloss of the car will be taken care of by a team of specially trained experts whose experiences in the field of automobile engineering branch are remarkably excellent. The company has targeted 2013 as the year for the finalization of the new growth oriented car upgradation programs which are supposed to be launched to spoon feed the automobile industry.

The light weight metals like aluminum, magnesium and other materials like ceramics are used to ensure the proper car upgradation program which is more user-friendly. The sprinting time of the vehicle is 11.9 seconds to cover the distance up to 100 km per hour.

So far as the fuel consumption and its easy methods to save fuel are concerned, experts of this German automaker is well determined to bring more modern techniques to upgrade the car using the sophisticated technology to improve the quality and durability of the vehicle. The topmost speed of the concept vehicle is 160 km/h (99 mph). Fuel wastage will be prevented to a great extent. The carbon reduction technology is under trials for getting more efficiency to bring speed and dynamism to the drive train kit so that the car will rush just like a jetliner without polluting the environment. The fuel safe program has been given priority and on average basis the fuel economy is tuned to 0.9 lt/100 km which is almost equal to 261 mpg US.

The retractable car seats, upholsters, street navigation systems, odometers, speedometers, tachometers and other car upgradation tools have been installed into the compartment of the car. The vehicle is very much fuel efficient and more colorful. XL1 concept vehicle has an upgraded weather tracking system to get updated data in relation to the presence of humidity, moisture, heat and other unwanted materials it the air. Finally, electronic infotainment system has been installed into the one-off vehicle for hands-on demonstration. You will feel jazzy listening to light music while driving your dream car to cover distance to reach destination. The car is naturally beautiful in design with the magnificent color contrasts.

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