2011 Ferrari 599XX Evolution Pack- Technical Review

ferrari 599xx update 3 653 2011 Ferrari 599XX Evolution Pack  Technical Review

599XX Evo will certainly attract the street navigators who like to attend the car expeditions on weekends. Evo has been upgraded making the proper utilization of the sophisticated car design accessories. Ferrari has started well by concentrating on the flawless car upgradation.

The suppressed exterior design, sleek fascia, aerodynamic shape, light weight compartment, the durable chassis and the compact street nav system have made the car more presentable, eco-friendly and attractive. This car has a light weight cockpit which is marvelous to watch. A car driver will feel comfy to stay inside the cockpit to drive the car with comfort. The ergonomically designed steering wheel is covered with a leather jacket to protect steering wheel from dirt, dust particles and moisture.

Few colorful stolen snapshots of the car can guide you to learn more clearly about salient features of the new concept vehicle. Drag Reduction System or DRS has impacted the car design. A pair of flaps sitting on the rear wing can be retracted. The rate of negative camber of the car wheels is higher to enhance the street navigation. The increased negative camber of wheelbases provides the excellent traction. The front and rear glass windshields are durable and transparent.

The power generating unit is more functional and performance based. The working efficiency of a powertrain is remarkably massive and noticeable. The carbon diffuser works better to ensure the minimization of carbon emission. Pirelli tire bands have rimmed the contours of wheelbases. The tire fenders are leather based and functional to protect the car wheels from being damaged in water and dirt.

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