2011 Honda Small Sports EV Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

2011 Honda Small Sports EV Concept 2011 Honda Small Sports EV Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo Motor Show is already a huge success for on its very first press day, Honda has brought to the world the concept of their next-generation electric small sports model: the EV-STER.

This convertible that can be used for two is made from carbon materials in order to keep the model lightweight. The power is provided by 10K Wh lithium-ion battery that would keep it going for around 160 km and propels the concept from 0-60kph in 5 seconds.

The company has described its latest model’s style as being innovative and dynamic. The dimensions of this car are stated to be 3,570mm long, 1,500 mm wide and 1,100 mm high. Not bad for a miniature car that are so much in demand these days, huh?

There is a new kind of feature in the EV-STER which gives the drivers the liberty to control the power output and suspension settings according to their own will. The makers of the car definitely put in a lot of thought behind this concept it seems.

It is extremely handy for students who prefer to drive around, and perfect for them to shuttle around from place to place. However, Honda hasn’t mentioned when this concept would be turned into a production car.

Though this car is nothing like the NSX or the S2000, this car definitely tells you that Honda still has its sporty car building motives in its genes still now, a reporter at the Tokyo Motor Show tells us. All the Japanese car builders definitely are thronging together at this show, showing off their latest developments. Car enthusiasts across the world have been waiting with bated breath for this month. It is good to see that so far there have been no disappointments. Just loads of concepts and no promise about when these would get changed into productions.

The EV-STER car does look sporty but it would still be recommended to be used in order to shuttle from one place to another. The pictures released of the car make it look rather tempting.


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