2011 Lexus IS C – has three trims to offer

2011 Lexus IS C 2011 Lexus IS C   has three trims to offer

2011 Lexus IS C 1 2011 Lexus IS C   has three trims to offer

2011 Lexus IS C 3 2011 Lexus IS C   has three trims to offer

As a picture perfect embodiment of comfort, style and luxury; 2011 model of ‘Lexus IS 350 C’ reflects sleekly done up interior, smoothly hassle free rides, spacious trunk and loads of safety features. Presenting improvisation with regard to its internal as well as external styling, provision of LED lighting for daylong use happens to be one of its significant switchovers.

For drivers inclined towards style and overall driving comfort, the latest offering from Lexus is one of the best possible illustrations. Having to offer three varieties of trims, the luxurious car of the Lexus brand is marked by a convertible style. With its hardtop being retractable, it just takes bare minimum time of twenty seconds for the removal and replacement of its electrically maneuvered top. The steel base of the roof top in addition to its gapless structuring is significantly advantageous from the perspective of safety.

The luxury car with its convertible design includes three varieties of upholstery. Consequently, three of its trims have their specification named from Manual of 250 to that 350. While the former version of 250 Model features a V6 engine of 2.5 liters; the latter version of 350 includes V6 engine of 3.5 liters. Understandably one gets to see reasonable difference in respect of speed and performance types of both the engines. V6 engine of 2.5 liters generates two hundred & four Horsepower, but the one of 3.5 liters generates 306 Horsepower. The former variety ensures fuel economy to the tune of 19 & 27 miles per gallon in city & highway drives respectively; the latter variety’s fuel economy is slightly higher. The version of ‘350’ ensures 20 mpg of economy in course of its city drives. But in respect of highway drive the economy remains similar to that ensured by the ‘250’ model.

Apart from minimal difference featuring their engines, all the three trims of the Lexus model are characterized by the standardized form of automated transmission of the six speed mode.


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