2011 Mazda Biante GRANZ Prototype at Tokyo Motor Show

01 2011 Mazda Biante GRANZ Prototype at Tokyo Motor Show

Even though the memories of the Frankfurt Motor Show from September are still fresh in our minds, it’s time to make way for the next Motor show, for the industry which never sleeps.

Make way for the Tokyo Motor Show that would be opening on the 3rd of December. It is the 42nd biennial one, and what makes this show even more attractive?

The launch of the new prototype version of Mazda in its Japanese domestic market Biante people carrier.

Mazda was the first company to launch a minivan, back in 1989. It has still gone on producing minivans, steadily improving it over the years. Initially the first generation demand for the minivans had caught these Japanese car makers by surprise. But they had made the most of it. Today they are one of the top minivan providers of the world.

The look of the car also changed over the course of these several years. Now it has a much more sophisticated look. Mazda 5 is the latest car that is currently in the market.

On 3rd of December we would see the unveiling of the improved Mazda minivan, and hopefully be enlightened about the company’s plans for this model.

This Biante GRANZ show car is designed study of the more luxurious version of the 4.7 meter (186 inch) long minivan.

Some of the changes which one would notice almost immediately are the fact Mazda’s designers moved the firm’s new five-point grille from the lower part of the bumper, to right under the hood. This new grille also has gained a prominent horizontal chrome slabs.

Several other modifications include the exclusive chrome rear finisher, the bespoke tail pipes, new chrome trim around the body and different 17-inch alloy wheels.

It is still unknown whether Mazda would be introducing a production version of the eight-passenger Biante GRANZ for Japan.


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