2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder – A Cabriolet with Aerodynamic Feature

2011 mitsubishi eclipse spyder 2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder   A Cabriolet with Aerodynamic Feature

Without any confusion, it can be admitted that modern people like to use sophisticated electronic showpieces, artifacts and hi-tech gadgets for bringing color to life. Same way, when you start groping for beautifully designed cars, you need to be well concerned about the car designs, shapes of vehicles, availability of technical features and the sophistication of the street navigation system.

2011 Eclipse Spyder is a type of light weighted 2-door convertible car. The sportive design of the Eclipse Spyder is appreciable. The cabriolet car is available in two trims like GS sport and GT. The technical features of these two variants are extremely praiseworthy and appreciable. GS sport vehicle has an eco-friendly 2.4 liter capacitated powertrain which generates 162-horsepower. A 4-speed automatic transmission is extremely efficient to deliver torque after receiving it from the engine for activating the rear car wheels. The complete tour of the torque from the engine via disc hubs down to automatic transmission is free of obstruction due to the application of the strong and glossy torque fluid to insulate servos and torque converter.

The suspension dampers of the vehicle are capable of checking friction with road surface by sucking the shock waves. The car tire fenders protect the car wheels and rubber bands to rim the contours of the wheelbases. GT variant is also well equipped with easy to regulate and operate 3.4 liter capacitated V6 engine which is competent to produce 265 hp. A 5-speed automatic transmission plus overdrive kit is more functional and up to date.

There are other features of the car. For instance, experts have put extra focus on the exterior and interior designs of the vehicle. The glass insulated windshields, washers, a dashboard, a binnacle, rear view reflectors, sun visors and infotainment system are all functional and properly tuned up to ensure the perfection in the upgradation of the new car model. The rate of carbon emission is low.

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