2011 Nissan Navara D40 ST-X 550 Model with Properly Tuned Powertrain

2011 Nissan Navara D40 ST X 550 2011 Nissan Navara D40 ST X 550 Model with Properly Tuned Powertrain

2011 Nissan Navara D40 ST X 550 1 2011 Nissan Navara D40 ST X 550 Model with Properly Tuned Powertrain

2011 Nissan Navara D40 ST X 550 3 2011 Nissan Navara D40 ST X 550 Model with Properly Tuned Powertrain

Nissan has finally declared the release of Navara. The ST-X 550 for 2011 which is more sophisticated with lot of new features. This car performs well. According to experts, after extensive research, a team of experts have gained success to upgrade the car by installing a 3.0 liter capacitated turbo diesel charged V6 powertrain lying under the bonnet. This is a sort of truck which has a number of latest vehicle upgradation accessories such as an automatic transmission, a powertrain, an exhaust system, a carbon diffuser and totally functional dampers to minimize the overflow of shock by collecting it for preventing massive friction. New car is also totally energy-efficient. You can operate this vehicle with excellence.

The whole technical tune-up and upgradation has been done by a group of engineers and mechanics who have the vast technical knowledge in the development of the vehicle both outward and inward. The compartment of the new model is strong, durable and more colorful whereas the interior parts of the vehicle are properly tuned through the proper utilization of hi-tech interior décor accessories. First and second raw of retractable car seats are made of foam, leather and fabric. The stitching quality is extremely high in quality. The soft squads are easy to use. These detachable car seats with reclining features provide extra comfort and advantage to people who like to undergo long trip to reach any far flung area. Turbocharged engine generates 550 NM torque with 3000kg towing capacity. This vehicle is also upgraded with a 7-speed automatic transmission tool.

Other car upgradation accessories include dual zone climate controlling devices, cruise operating system, Bluetooth, infotainment system, 6-disc CD stacker inclusive of privacy glass reflectors. You will also get a pair of sun visors and rear view reflectors. The odometer is functional with efficiency to measure the distance accurately whereas the speedometer, a tachometer and other street navigation accessories have been tuned properly to improve the condition of the vehicle.

The electric powered retractable car seats are made more efficient and technically upgraded using Premium Option Pack. Sophisticated iPod interface plus DVD infotainment inclusive of 9.3GB capacitated onboard music system storage unit.

Suspension kit is more functional. The frontal wishbone suspension attachment has been upgraded with a rear axle bar. In addition the braking accessory is also marvelous in terms of performance. Suspension attachment has added new features to the car upgradation program.

This new truck provides sufficient space inside the compartment of the vehicle. You will have an excellent opportunity to keep glued to the seats with comfort. The ergonomic steering wheel and street nav system are fully functional with marvelous easy to care features. According to experts, this truck has the capability to cover long distance. It can face the uneven surface of the washboard. The well bodied structure of the truck is naturally eco-friendly and durable. That’s why, when you decide to travel by this car, you must be confident of driving with pleasure.

The wheelbases of the vehicle are durable. The metallic struts close to the wheels are capable of controlling shock. However dampers are more powerful and efficient to check the road friction by absorbing shock. More emphasis has been put on the exterior décor program. The outer hull of the compartment of the vehicle has been fully painted in attractive glossy colors. The fascia of the compartment of the truck has been made more charismatic and upgraded installing lamp bezels with properly designed flanges. The fluorescent lamps are really powerful and eye adjustable. The air inlets, side skis and bumpers have been tuned and properly upgraded with care. The trapezoidal grilles are also fixed to the car. The carbon emission tendency will be lowered to a great extent. This vehicle has low fuel consumption rates.


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